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Home - The Talent Group
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We are the Talent Group and have over 25 years of recruiting experience. We are a fantastic team of passionate recruiters with all the skills, attitude and expertise you need to find the top people. We offer a variety of services, listening to what you want and what you need and have all the right skills and technology at hand to help. Our approach is different; We are pioneering and fresh thinking, which is much needed in today’s fast paced society.

We are results-driven, and have built a reputation based upon collaboration, openness and innovation. We understand the importance of being cost effective so will deliver the best resourcing solution to suit your requirements

Todays Talent | Tomorrows Success

Executive Talent

Finding you the best Senior Talent?

View Executive Talent

HR & Talent

Sourcing the right HR & Talent Professionals

View HR & Talent

In House Talent

Building an effective Direct Sourcing Solution

View In House Talent

Why Contact Us?

Our experience in recruitment, combined with our passion and commitment to quality ensures we put forward only the very best talent.

From apprentice, graduate to board level, we tailor our recruitment solutions to meet your needs.

Our numbers speak for themselves. Over the last year we have…

Delivered results for 40 clients

Screened over 5,000 candidates

Successfully filled over 200 positions

And our retention rates for recruitment are consistently excellent…

95% of the people we place are still in the role during 2020


Please send me the quarterly newsletter
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